[Tweeters] Anna's vocalization or wing noise? - no - it is the tail

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at quidnunc.net
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Ed, All,

I too was puzzled the first time I heard this. I have heard that the "chirp" produced at the bottom of the display flight of the male Anna's Hummingbird was produced my the tail, but I wanted confirmation. I found this website with an audio clip to click on of the "chirp" and confirmation that it is indeed made by the tail:


Since learning the sound, I find 10 times the Anna's Hummingbirds I had before.


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For about the last month I have heard a single sharp whistle call note with no new bird to account for it when I've tried to track it down. It happens once and then usually it will be at least half a minute to a minute before I hear it again and I'll hear it two to three or four times before it stops. Earlier this week I heard the sound twice when our Anna's was doing its display. Could this be the source?

Ed Swan
Vashon Island

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