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Fri Mar 6 08:34:19 PST 2009

Try http://www.lensrentals.com/. I've heard only good things about
them, from a number of photographers, and their rates are competitive.

Marc Hoffman

At 11:22 PM 3/5/2009, Brendan McGarry wrote:

>Hi Tweets -


> I recently made the move for my first DSLR and got

> a Nikon D90, which I am having a blast with. As anyone who is even

> slightly into photography knows - glass is expensive! As much as

> I'd love to go drop $2000 on a decent telephoto lens right now, I

> can't. I've got a trip to Texas the first week of April and I

> think it would be a shame to head down there with only a 200mm

> lens. I figure I need at least a 200-400mm range. So I figure I

> might spend the money and rent a lens. I'm wondering if there is

> anyone out there who has delved in renting glass and if folks have

> suggestions of where to do that. I know Glazer's definitely does

> but are they the best option? I'm up for any suggestions!


>-Brendan McGarry

>Seattle, Wa

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