[Tweeters] Thanks for all the info, definitely going on Anchorage trip!

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at msn.com
Fri Mar 6 07:29:10 PST 2009

Hi, Boy did I ever get a boat load of information! I am definitely going to do this trip, I ordered ABA's latest book, and am hoping ABA will also contact me about my membership directory, since I have not received one yet (I did just sign up in December, so...) I also have contact information on who might be a good guide for me, and a couple other possibilities. I am going to get a list done today, as a kind tweeter has offered to give me some direction on where to look for what... (ptarmigans, any owls, woodpeckers in this area, would be nice, I am sure their coloring is much different than our Pacific birds (at least the Hairy and Downy might be brighter in plumage)......I don't care if I end up snoozing in my car, I cannot wait to get out there now! In April I will be going home for only a week for my Dad's 75 (Kansas=Cheyenne Bottoms/Quivera Refuge)...I am hoping to have a couple of days, altho early for migration, to head to Cheyenne Bottoms, and will try to get as far east as the Scott City area, to check out some areas there for wildlife. Fun Fun Fun!!!!Thanks to everyone for such a quick response!

Vicki Biltz Bonney Lake Wa.

vickibiltz at msn.com



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