[Tweeters] Mating Mallards

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We have lots of wintering ducks on Long Lake here in Lacey, and we commonly see them copulating throughout the winter. It's my understanding that pair bonds are maintained largely through frequent copulation, and in fact I believe it was Dennis Paulson who pointed this out once on Tweeters. (I don't know if this is true for geese.) I know it's fun to think that in the spring a young duck's fancy turns to thoughts of love, but I think it's pretty much on their minds all the time. I don't want you all to think that I'm the kind of guy who gets his jollies by standing around watching ducks mate, but it gets to be pretty obvious when mating is accompanied by obvious behavior such as head pumping.

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I had the local Canada Goose pair here in Twin Lakes getting in on the
"act" this morning too! Spring must be right around the corner!

Hans Feddern
Twin Lakes - Federal Way, WA.

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> This morning we had a pair of mating Mallards on our pond. I guess spring

> has sprung. We also have Wood Ducks actively staking out boxes and nesting

> area around our lower pond.


> Demarie Wood

> Port Angeles

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