[Tweeters] Ferruginous Hawks in deep trouble in Juniper Dunes

Mike and MerryLynn m.denny at charter.net
Fri Mar 6 18:59:30 PST 2009

Hello All,

I just learned that the BLM is attempting to start protection of the 7,700
ACRE Juniper Dune Wilderness in southern Franklin Co.. In 1980 when this
wilderness was designated there were 17 nesting pair of Ferruginous Hawks.
Today there are 4 nesting pair left. This wilderness area is a BLM
Wilderness set aside to protect the Ferruginous Hawk population. Between
1982 and now this once beautiful dune complex has been completely demolished
by ATV riders who do not and will not police themselves. They will not stay
out of this wilderness area. The BLM has completely buckled to the ORV/ATV
users demands and has utterly failed to protect the Ferruginous hawks in the
area or the habitat of this dune system. That is until this March when a
very brave BLM biologist actually was able to get part of the limited access
area closed from 1 March through 15 Aug. so that the Ferruginous Hawks can
nest in undisturbed peace. The Spokane office of the BLM needs to hear from
all of us about upholding protection for this rare and amazing place.
http://www.blm.gov/or/districts/spokane/index.php So please take the time to
leave a message with the BLM in Spokane about their responsibility to uphold
and protect the natural resources of the Juniper Dunes Wilderness. Please do
it for the Ferruginous Hawks and the northern most Western Juniper trees in
the Pacific Northwest.
Thank-you Mike
Mike and MerryLynn Denny
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