[Tweeters] possible Tweeters spam

Steve Voght stevevoght at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 13:18:44 PST 2009

Folks, this is almost certainly an honest mistake, and one that really
does not deserve any further discussion or accusations. On most of
these social networking sites, when you sign up they offer the
opportunity to search your email address book for other friends and
acquaintances who are also on the site. Then after finding all of the
matches, they offer the opportunity to send an invitation to join the
site to everyone else in your address book.

The most logical conclusion to be made here is that she had the
Tweeters address in her addressbook (presumably because these days
we're instructed to put mailing list addresses into our addressbook to
reduces the likelihood of it being flagged as spam), and then she
accidentally sent an invitation to everyone in her addressbook, which
included the Tweeters list. It's a lesson to be careful when you're
sending invitations to people in your addressbook, but past that it's
almost certainly an honest mistake and not an attempted scam.

Think about it -- when multiple listserv members receive the same
"mistake", the most obvious reason would be _because it was sent to
the listserv_.

Steve Voght
Seattle, WA

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Marti Ligocki
<ligockisas at impeccableimages.com> wrote:

> When multiple listserv members receive the same "mistake,"  we all need to

> consider the probabliity that it's not a mistake.  It's inconceivable that

> several of us would be in the same person's addressbook.  Especially since I

> live in Oregon, have never posted to Tweeters before and have only been on

> Tweeters for about 6 weeks. I simply don't see how anyone on Tweeters could

> have my e-mail address.  A further interesting note:  although my husband

> and I get Tweeters at different e-mail addresses, he too got this spam.


> Conventional wisdom is NOT to click on a link from someone unknown.  Delete

> the e-mail ASAP without opening it.


> Marti Ligocki

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