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Marti Ligocki ligockisas at impeccableimages.com
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When multiple listserv members receive the same "mistake," we all need to consider the probabliity that it's not a mistake. It's inconceivable that several of us would be in the same person's addressbook. Especially since I live in Oregon, have never posted to Tweeters before and have only been on Tweeters for about 6 weeks. I simply don't see how anyone on Tweeters could have my e-mail address. A further interesting note: although my husband and I get Tweeters at different e-mail addresses, he too got this spam.

Conventional wisdom is NOT to click on a link from someone unknown. Delete the e-mail ASAP without opening it.

Marti Ligocki
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I received it, too. Plaxo.com looks like social networking but I didn't dig into the site to evaluate it. Most likely this email was generated automatically from someone's address book. So probably a harmless error (or lapse in judgment) rather than a scam, virus, etc. Still, that person should be educated by Tweeters the list owner, whom I'm cc'ing, so they are aware of what was probably their mistake.

Marc Hoffman
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At 10:02 AM 3/7/2009, Gary Bletsch wrote:

At any rate, a person going by the name of Nancy Lander sent me a message via Tweeters, inviting me to join them on Plaxo. Is this legit, or is this some sort of online scam?


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