[Tweeters] Short-eared owls yesterday at the Skagit

Bob Kothenbeutel viper.bob at verizon.net
Sat Mar 7 17:11:58 PST 2009

My goal for yesterday was to come home with some quality images of
short-eared owls so I headed for Rawlings Road early in the morning.
Although there were 3 owls there they were not very active during the
morning hours. So, to pass the time I photographed a few eagles and
harriers. I went back to the owls in mid-afternoon and set up near the end
of the point and waited. Before long all three owls began working the marsh
and continued until near sundown. They made numerous dives into the grass
but I never saw them come up with any prey (unless they ate it quickly while
hidden in the grass). I took many action photos thanks to the bright sun.
You can view them along with the eagle and harrier images on my website:

photos.rlkimages.com (click the "last uploads" album)

Bob Kothenbeutel


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