[Tweeters] first Rufous Hummer, nesting Bewick's Wrens

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Sun Mar 8 05:58:44 PDT 2009

Add one more FOY area Rufous Hummingbird sighting. One adult male turned up
amidst the beautiful snowy backdrop at my feeders yesterday (Sat, Mar 7)
here in Bellevue/Eastgate and more or less seemed to get along with the
otherwise ravenous hordes of Anna's without too much persecution from either side.
While Rufous Hummingbirds usually start turning up around the western
Washington lowlands in late February, these early ones have always seemed to bypass
my place in the past, so it was a delight to finally see one here in early

Meanwhile, the Bewick's Wrens have once again been busy nest building in the
nest box where last year they may have brought off as many as FIVE broods.
Nesting actually started last year on February 14. That nest got so HUGE
that by late Fall, it looked like the entrance was just about blocked with bits
protruding from the hole. I took the box down and cleaned it out in early
December and promptly put it back up. The nest was so impressive and
perfectly intact and even still had one 'old' egg. (I hope it was an old egg and
them not trying to raise yet another brood through the December cold and snows).
I saved the whole thing and put it in a plastic container. All the
material that went into the nest is quite interesting. Does the Burke or similar
keep a "nest" collection? ...and if so, I would be happy to donate it to such.
It would make a pretty good museum display piece I would think.

Richard Rowlett
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