[Tweeters] Dusky Warbler Question

Dennis and Julia O'Connor djoc at charter.net
Sun Mar 8 21:01:12 PDT 2009

Has there ever been a siting of a Dusky Warbler in Western Washington?
I watched a bird that looked like one down by the Blueberry Farm in
Bellevue for 15 minutes. I heard it for 5 minutes before I could spot
it. It was a loud(ish) CHEK sound. The bird repeated that sound
several times as it picked it's way out of the tangle to the edge of
the board walk to sip on some water. It stayed well hidden--but I
caught glimpses of it. I listened to it some more after it
disappeared and waited and watched it again when I could get a lense on
it. It kept making that same call

When I tried to match the call to the bird that I saw--the one it most
closely matched was the Dusky Warbler. The books and the bird site
descriptions make that seem very doubtful. Is there something else it
could have been that I'm missing? I looked at the Lincoln's Sparrow
(which apparently has a similar call)--that's not what the bird looked
like. It definitely looked like the Warbler. Since I am in no way
expert I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

Julia O'Connor

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