[Tweeters] I failed to find a possible Dusky Warbler, Today

Grace and Ollie Oliver grace.ollie at verizon.net
Mon Mar 9 17:21:46 PDT 2009

I guessed that the report of a hoped for rarity, referred to the Lake Hills
Green Belt area blueberry fields, in Bellevue, Wa. The only board walk that
I know of in that area is West of 148th Ave. N.E.. This board walk is
built over a marsh area and is part of a walking trail. The board walk goes
East and West between 148th Ave. N.E. and a housing area that is on its
West. and is North of the blueberry farming area buildings, where I parked.
Soon after I arrived, a few minutes after 1:P.M., at the West end of the
boardwalk, I heard a chip note call that I do not know. The call seemed to
be coming from the direction of an under construction house, but on the park
side of a temporary chain link fence. Then Sleet started falling
accompanied by a surprise lightening flash and about 3 seconds later a loud
thunder clap. I decided to wait out the storm. When the sleet changed to
snow the birds became active again, vocalizing and moving about, Some
appeared to be trying to find something to eat.

The only plain brown birds with no wing bars that I saw were Fox Sparrows.
The only loud chip note that I could identify was from Fox Sparrow. I did
not see any Warblers. The unfamiliar chip note that I heard may not have
been the "Chek" sound that Julia O'Connor described to Tweeters yesterday.
If anyone locates the mystery bird that Julia got glimpses of , please
report. Thank you

Ollie Oliver

Redmond, Wa.

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