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Hey tweets, I just sent a short email to my legislators, asking them
to support the retrofit. It took me about 10 minutes and was very
easy, given the links below. I urge all of you out there in
tweeterland to do the same ASAP, if you possibly can. Your message
doesn't have to be long; in fact, it's better if it's short. Just a
couple of sentences will do. Politicians really do count their letters
and emails, and numbers matter. We are a community of people who care
about birds - we should make our voices heard because the birds depend
on us for help. Thanks! - Connie, Seattle

constancesidles at gmail.com

On Mar 9, 2009, at 2:16 PM, Larry Schwitters wrote:

> Tweeters,


> The online form asks for a bill number. The house number is 1216

> which works for that blank. If you are inclined to take part in

> this, the sooner the better. Final vote on the Capital Budget is

> probably April 26.


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah

> On Mar 6, 2009, at 12:12 PM, paulette.hunter at att.net wrote:


>> Here's an important thing you can do for the Monroe Swifts - call

>> your legislators and ask them to "please support the capital budget

>> request for the chimney retrofit at Frank Wagner Elementary."


>> Rep. Kirk Pearson of Monroe is our sponsor for this budget request,

>> so if he is your legislator, tell him THANKS for sponsoring this

>> bill!


>> For other legislators, simply ask them to support it too.


>> It is a small amount by state budget standards, and does not impact

>> the operating budget (since it is capital monies).


>> See below for some further talking points.


>> thx - Marina Skumanich, Seattle Audubon


>> Action Alert - Save Our Swifts!

>> We need you to contact your legislators!

>> Audubon chapters and the Monroe School District are submitting a

>> joint proposal to the Washington State legislature for funding to

>> earthquake retrofit the Wagner Elementary School chimney. This

>> retrofit project, about $100 thousand dollars, will ensure that the

>> school children of Wagner Elementary are safe from a serious

>> earthquake risk while also protecting the major roosting site in WA

>> for Vaux's Swifts.

>> Please call or write your state representatives and senators, and

>> ask them to:

>> "Please support the Capital Budget Request to retrofit Wagner

>> Elementary's Chimney"

>> Talking points:

>> With this funding, we can fix this critical problem and ensure the

>> school children at Frank Wagner Elementary are safe from a

>> potentially serious earthquake risk

>> This project will provide job creation in a small community already

>> hard-hit by the recession

>> The project will also serve to preserve a critical migratory

>> roosting (resting) site for the amazing Vaux's swifts - up to

>> 20,000 have been seen in aerial display while coming to roost in

>> the chimney at night

>> Legislator contact information:

>> Find your representatives and get their contact info: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder

>> Call the toll-free Legislative Hotline: 800-562-6000

>> For more information: Susie Schaefer (PAS) at 425-771-8165 or

>> Marina Skumanich (SAS) at 206-786-8846


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