[Tweeters] second owl nest at NWR?

Bryan Owens obryan214 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 10 09:34:40 PDT 2009

     On Sunday I walked the outer dike at Nisqually. I saw one Great Horned Owl in the trees near the barn. While walking the trail farther down a man showed me where a Great Horned Owl nest was in a snag on the river side of the dike. I never located the nest everyone seems to know about and was under the impression it was near the barns. Is this a second? He also imformed me the outer dike trail will close April 15th. I've seen him there before, last year he showed me where a hummingbird nest was.
     It was snowing early on but I had a few good sightings. Along the trail I had 2 juvenile eagles in the trees around 20ft above the trail. Another adult was on the trail. All ignored me as I passed. I also found a lone yellow rumped warbler in some shrubs out there.

Bryan O.
Tacoma Wa.
obryan214 at yahoo.com

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