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Dennis and Julia O'Connor djoc at charter.net
Mon Mar 9 20:38:35 PDT 2009

Thanks for all of the responses--I really appreciate the feedback. I
want to caution--I'm not sure of what type of bird I saw--I'm not
expert--just tenacious. I've been working on birding by ear--because I
don't focus as quickly as I would like.

I do know that it looked like the photo of the Dusky Warbler found in
the National Wildlife Federation's Field Guide to Birds of North
America--complete with the white eye bar and a pale breast that was not
streaked. I saw it briefly three times. It also sounded like the
recording of the Dusky Warbler that I've now heard (Thanks Ryan &

I've looked at and listened to the Wrens (Marsh, House, Bewick's and
Winter) I looked at and listened to the Water Thrush, the Hutton's
Vireo and the Ruby Crowned Kinglet. I also looked at and listened to
the Yellowthroat. I'd seen a Kinglet earlier in my walk--and I now
know that I was listening to a Hutton's Vireo at the end of my walk.
Unfortunately I still haven't been able to match the bird that I saw
(briefly--and I wish so much that I'd focused on its' feet now!) and
the call that I heard (over a 15 minute period) with anything else in
the book.

Realistically--I'm sure it was something quite common place.....

Anyway-if you'd like to go somewhere wonderful to walk and bird go to
the Heritage Loop Trail in Bellevue along the Mercer Slough. I started
at Winter House and walked around the loop. I took several little side
junkets on the trail system--but I completed the loop over to the
Blueberry Farm and as you approach the Blueberry Farm from walking the
Heritage Trail there is an opportunity to follow a little boardwalk off
to the left. Walk a little way down that boardwalk--there will be an
open area on your left--walk a little farther toward the thicket on the
right--stand and listen when you're just past the edge of the thicket.
It was afternoon (3:00) when I went. Listen for a loud CHEK
sound--then just watch for the grass to rustle--and you'll get glimpses
of what I saw--probably a wren of some type--

If you Google Mercer Slough and go to the Environmental Education
Center's Page there is a map that will get you to the park and show you
all of the trails. I saw lots of great birds and had a wonderful walk
in the middle of the city. Enjoy!

Thanks to you all for your help and interest--it's been fun trying to
work out the puzzle.

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