[Tweeters] Pine Grosbeaks at Nisqually

bill shelmerdine georn1 at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 12 07:49:26 PDT 2009

Greetings All,

Yesterday afternoon I walked the outer dike trail. I left the parking area about 4:30. Overall it was pretty quiet, but there were 3 Pine Grosbeaks (PiGr) along MacAllister Creek, a bit beyond the photo blind. Presumably they included the 2 PiGr that have been sighted intermittantly since early February, but this time they were joined by a bright adult male. Together they make a stunning trio. I would say the time was around 5:00. Since I have missed them on the last two trips around, I assume they also spend time in the woods across the creek. Also at the refuge, I counted about 750 Cackling Geese, but otherwise much reduced numbers of waterfowl. Also this past weekend there was a first year Glaucous Gull in the fields just to the south along the Nisqually Cut-off Road.


Bill Shelmerdine, Olympia

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