[Tweeters] Baby Anna's holding up in cold

Trileigh Tucker tri at seattleu.edu
Fri Mar 13 16:13:27 PDT 2009

The baby hummingbirds in the nest outside my window are doing fine through
this cold snap, thanks to their devoted mother who's been protecting them
from cold, wind, snow, and hail - while keeping them fed on top of it all.

I've posted a few photos on Flickr (although I gave up trying to re-date
them so they'd show up in the order I took them). They're at
www.flickr.com/photos/21030079 at N06/. (If I were feeling anthropomorphic, I'd
say that the mom is probably wondering if it's worth all this trouble, in
the picture showing her nest pelted with hailstones; she looks kind of

I hadn't realized how relatively short their little beaks are when they
first hatch - nor how far a mother hummingbird can get her long beak down a
baby's gullet!

Good birding,

Trileigh Tucker
Lincoln Park, West Seattle

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