[Tweeters] When do Blue Grouse start booming in W. WA?

Douglas Canning dcanning at zhonka.net
Sat Mar 14 13:41:40 PDT 2009

On 14 Mar 2009 at 10:02, Ed Swan wrote:

Subject: [Tweeters] When do Blue Grouse start booming in W. WA?

> A visiting friend asks me when the Blue Grouse start booming. I

> haven't been in the right habitats in W. Washington to hear them, just

> in the Okanogan.

In recent years I've been hearing them in an open Douglas-fir stand
adjacent the Mima Mounds Natural Area in Thurston County, the earliest
dates being:

2007: 15 April
2008: 12 April

However! I don't get down there all that regularly, so the true start
date is days to weeks earlier.

I was there yesterday, and heard none.

The latest date I've recorded is 8 July in 2001.


Douglas Canning
Olympia, Wash
dcanning at zhonka.net

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