[Tweeters] Comments regarding placement of swallow boxes.

Tom Munsch tommunsch at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 14 14:01:00 PDT 2009

The front of my house faces NW. I have four boxes on my house; each box is mounted under the eave and receives little direct sun.. The boxes on the SW & NW sides are not close to busy windows and they get birds every year. The two boxes on the SE side are visited in the Spring by VG swallows but they have never had resident birds. These two boxes are near busy windows and above a busy deck.


I think seclusion is more important than temperature.

The boxes have the recommended oval hole (7/8" hi and 3.5" wide) but the holes were regularly pecked by flickers trying to enlarge the hole. I solved this problem by covering the holes with brass or plastic templates. I also drove 3 inch nails up through the roof to keep the rock doves from using it as a perch.

I regularly dump a few handfuls of pillow feathers in my back yard when the swallows are nest-building. It's
great fun to watch the swallows swoop to grab the feathers. I initially scattered the feathers but this stopped the Wood Ducks from entering my back yard for their regular feedings of corn. They must have thought that a Cooper's Hawk was active nearby.

Check this site for more info:

Good Luck
Tom Munsch

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