[Tweeters] Birding Thursday the Orchard Peninsula!!!

Ruth Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sat Mar 14 17:01:51 PDT 2009

Hello Tweeters,
The weather forecast we so good for the last three days,that Loren and I
doing some birding around Port Orchard.The birding I think is better in the
fall when you having some Shorebirds and when the Harlequin Ducks
returning.Even so the birding was slow,we enjoyed the Olympic Mountains as
a back ground.We only had 1 Shorebird the Greater Yellowlegs all alone on
the Yukon Beach.In Colby we saw around 40 Brant Geese flying Thurs
Manchester.Who ever we went there was many Barrow's Goldeneye"s,and A.Wigeon
all the way to Port Orchard,but NO Eurasia's.We used to get a lot of
Eurasian's especial in Port Orchard.We even took a hike along at the
Manchester Park ,all around the Water.We saw a group of 80 Western Grebes
way out to guess what there where,but I got my Scope and it confirmed that
there all where Western Grebes.The Park looks good for Owling,but I never
read that any one ever owlet there.In the parking lot we had a few little
birds As Chickadees and Towhee, Robin ,Wren's and Kinglet's.We had few
Golden-crowned Sparrows.The tide was way out what did not help.The Gulls was
way out,even with a good scope the ID for some species was a guess.I know
that we had a lot of Mew Gulls,this by there size an and the ring around the
bill others where Glaucous -winged Gulls,if there where a rare one we missed
it all together.So over there the tide in some places make the
difference.For me the best bird was the Pelagic Cormorant's in breeding
Plumage what we saw in Port Orchard where all the poeple coming of the boat
or bus,right in town.You can walk down there to the water and walk way out
and come real close to the Cormorant's and the Grebes to seeing there red
Eye.My new Nikon D-90 perform excellent and is much faster than the D80.So
I took some terrific shots of the Pelagic Cormorant.We trying to find the
bridge in Bremerton the Pelagic Cormorant breeds under that bridge on the
rocks,but there is so much Roadwork going on we did not find access to the

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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