[Tweeters] Comments regarding placement of swallow boxes.

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I place boxes for Violet-greens on all four sides of our place in beautiful downtown Bellingham, and I've had success in each location. However, morning sun warms the east-facing box earlier in the day and that has been my 'most- successful' box (10 years in a row!). North comes in second, followed by west and then south. Venting holes will take care of overheating and HEAT isn't usually a problem in our neck o' the woods!

Which reminds me, I'd better get?the ladder out, soon!??

Joe Meche

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Daniel didn't say where he is from, but in Puget Sound, prevailing winds are from the south.? I've had the best luck with an east-facing box.


Penny Koyama, Bothell

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Every spring I mount two swallow boxes on a pole in the middle of our meadow--one facing south and one facing north. Presumably because VG swallows are territorial, they only occupy one. So far, over five years of doing this, it has always been the north-facing box. I have always assumed that they avoided the south-facing box because it would be more likely to grow overheated, but reading the other comments here it sounds as if south works in many cases. So I'm not sure why they always go for the north box....

Daniel James Brown

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On Mar 14, 2009, at 3:55 PM, Wilson Cady wrote:

I have always face my boxes south keeping in mind the prevailing wind

directions. Here a box facing east is more likely to catch the cooler

winds and one facing west has more of a potential to get rain blown into

the opening. Seldom do we get a wind from the south and an opening in

that direction has an evener temperature. Just my opinion and for our


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