[Tweeters] Crow mini-migration --not affected by PDT

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i've seen the crows of the mercer slough roost appear to travel from as far away as Kirkland (traveling west of 405 until 520, east of 405 until wilburton) to the north, Eastgate to the east (usually north of 90), and Newcastle on the south and southeast... for corvid lovers, it's a pretty spectacular sight at dusk...

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I’ve noticed that there seems to be a large roosting area for crows around Factoria, where I-90 and I-405 intersect. I see the big flocks flying in that direction in the late afternoon from the Bellevue-Redmond area. Federal Way would be a fairly long trip for them from there, but the directions seem to match up.

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During the last few months while waiting for my bus during the morning in Federal Way, I've observed flocks of crows flying in a generally southwest direction. In the afternoon, hundreds and hundreds of the crows could be observed flying in the opposite direction (to roost, I assume). The change to DST, didn't affect them and I only observed them at later times ;-)

Where are they going ?


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