[Tweeters] Re: Swallow nest box placement

Dayna Yalowicki dlwicki at verizon.net
Sun Mar 15 19:53:00 PDT 2009

My swallow box faces west, hangs next to the house under a section of deck that is approx. 4 ft. wide and has successfully raised young every year except one, for maybe 12 years.  It is very sheltered from rain and hot sun, is home made with vent holes on top and has an oval entrance hole.  But one year I got greedy and wanted to put up another so I purchased one from a well known bird store with a diamond shaped hole, having heard that this is the shape they prefer.  In 6 years, it has never held a family and I've never even seen a bird, any bird, investigate it.  It also faces west but at the other end of the deck.  Now I'm curious about which entrance shapes are the most successful. 

Dayna Yalowicki
Bothell, Wa
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