[Tweeters] Snow Goose at Scooteney Res, Franklin Co

Randy Hill hill at smwireless.net
Sun Mar 15 22:42:58 PDT 2009

Today was a T&L redistribution day. That's topsoil and litter. Any rain
drops just caused a dirty windshield.

A Snow Goose was with Canada and Cackling Geese this afternoon north of
Scooteney Reservoir. Also a pair of curlews and several hundred cranes.
The reservoir is finally dropping enough to offer the cranes a roost area.
County Line ponds along SR 26 had a single Gr White-fronted Goose, and there
were about 25 in Marsh Unit 1 (closed to entry for a month). More cranes
have moved in. At Red Rock Coulee south of Royal City a half dozen Tree
Swallows joined about 200 violet-greens. As yesterday I found both Northern
and Loggerhead Shrikes near Corfu.

Randy Hill


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