[Tweeters] Courting Northern Flickers?

PC Kennedy pcflyer at comcast.net
Mon Mar 16 12:34:33 PDT 2009

For the third time in a week, a small group of Northern Flickers --
three, four, maybe even five -- are apparently courting in my yard.
Quite a sight to see these large birds chase each other from fence to
tree branch to trunk and back. Sometimes one flashes its tail while
perched, spreading it wide and showing the scalloped edges of the
lower feathers and a lot of bright red color. Today I was noticing
that the tail spreading included beak thrusting, where the bird pokes
his/her beak straight up, higher and higher into the air. One of the
birds (smaller and less animated) mostly just watches the others.
Maybe this one is a juvenile?

It is great fun to watch but does give credence to the accusation
that birdwatchers are voyeurs.

PC Kennedy
Gig Harbor, WA

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