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Hi all,
Despite recently-enacted and very misguided rules restricting internet gaming, the YARDBIRDRACE is still up and running!
And the oddsmakers are saying this is the year PORT LUDLOW W could get it’s long-awaited three digit record as CAROLYN EAGAN was already at 56 by the end of Feb.
Meanwhile the KIRKLAND Greenbelt mark could be vulnerable this year as GRACE & OLLIE OLIVER are at 54% of the record with only a couple migrants, such as a March 9 RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD.
A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD showed up even earlier (3/2) at the HOSKIN/ROSE residence in Ballard where a CHESTNUT-BACKED CHICKADEE was first in 11 years & joins a MOUNTAIN CHICKADEE & Black-capped to make a Chickadee-Heavy (is that even possible?) list of 28. 
In Licton Springs, it’s already a two-warbler year (Townsend’s & Yellow-rumped) as JOSH HAYES is at 21.
BOBBY & CURT PEARSON are on a tear in Hillman City Seattle with an early CEDAR WAXWING & BAND-TAILED PIGEON and are at 27, 55% of the record.
Speaking of a tear, GARY SMITH of Alki in waterfront yard/type has always had a long list of seabirds, but has more of a struggle getting landbirds.  As tweeters-readers know, he’s already picked up SHORT-EARED OWL, (new bird for YBR Seattle, or even YBR anywhere?) and TOWNSEND’S WARBLER and is at 48 and is second overall in this year’s race in the acceleration cateogy with  at 62% of his yard-type record.
In the Working yard category, PENNY ROSE already has three owls (Great Horned, N. Saw-whet and Barred) and a TRUMPETER SWAN for 67, half way to her record-setting mark from 2008 race.  Rose works at Discovery Park in Seattle.  Any birders work in any other parks around here? 
In Pierce County, we have early reports of CHRIS RHOADS from Key Peninsula with 22 inc. EARED GREBE and JIM FLYNN at an early 48 in a Working-yard in Puyallup.
NATE DEKAY will insure Camano Island gets a YBR mark this year with 21 including FOX SPARROW.  In outlying Auburn  SANDY DANIELS & KEVIN STEINER are racking up their usual high numbers with 44, and let’s all hope they can beat their own YardReproductionRace-winning totals from last year.
And overall leaders in the 6th annual race in acceleration—current total/relevant record—are LARRY & CHRIS DEKAY of Bothell with Downy, Hairy & Pileated Woodpeckers and BAND -TAILED PIGEON at 23 in early reports, 79% of the Bothell R record.
Other Races to watch out for:  the PETERSONS in Bellingham, CATHERINE ALEXANDER in Seattle’s Lakewood neighborhood, JOHN TUBBS in Snoqualmie and the KRISTI HEIN/CASEY BAZEWICK  in Anacortes.
All tweeters readers are cordially invited to enter the 6th annual YardBirdRace!
To Enter:
Email to yardbirdrace at yahoo.com
the following stats:
Your county in Western WA.
Your town, neighborhood or nearest town
Your yard-type:  Urban, residential, greenbelt, waterfront, or acreage (over 1 acre more or less) and if it’s a Working-yard
Your list of birds seen FROM or IN the yard in 2009
Your address (will not be publicized)
To see the Leaderboard go to:
Winner’s Purse has mostly been dispersed from the 08 race.  They included $1400 in the name of Racers to help the AMERICAN BIRD CONSERVANCY save the Streseman’s Bristlefront in Brazil,  Violet-green Swallow nest boxes, memberships in Washington Ornithological Society and memberships in BIRDLIFE INTERNATIONAL (not sent yet).  Nobody wanted the Kaufman bird guide so far, is that a cult-thing with me?
UPSHOT of Violet-green Swallow box placement thread: 
Thanks to MIKE DONAHUE for contributing some real citizen-science to help us figure this out, and everyone who participated in this great discussion!   The upshot, (in the opinion of this Swallow-box dealer!) is IF IN DOUBT PUT UP A BOX and let the swallows decide, and perhaps don’t worry too much about the kids overheating, although close up under the eaves, if there are any, is probably always desirable.
Oh, and by the way, (heh, heh)  I’ll just happen to have boxes available this Saturday at the CRANE FESTIVAL in Othello, WA for 22.90 plus tax.  They have rectangular 7/8 x 2 holes and are made by Countryside Culture in Medford OR the same as Seattle Audubon’s boxes.  (In reading Dayna Yalowicki’s post of today, oval may be the most preferable, and I personally most like oval or diamond with a 7/8 max for dissuading House Sparrows, but rectangular holes have worked well  for us here in the past and I think swallows will develop a loyalty to any box that works).    
Thanks all, Ed Newbold yardbirdrace @yahoo.com  residential Beacon Hill, Seattle, WA

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