[Tweeters] IDENTIFIED Flycatcher at Alki

Emily Winstrom emilywin at qwest.net
Tue Mar 17 09:23:19 PDT 2009

Hi Tweets,

I received fantastic expert help in response to my very first Tweeters
posting about the "unidentified" flycatcher I observed at Alki on Saturday,
March 14th. Gene Hunn was right on with his wonderful information, which
gave me "permission" to acknowledge the bird I saw was indeed a Say's
Phoebe. It's just that a Say's Phoebe on a fence post in Leavenworth is
hard to equate with a look alike bird that suddenly appears on a rock on the
shore of Alki on a windy, rainy, gray, cold Seattle March day. When I
observed the bird, with much tail flicking, that breast sure did make me
think Say's Phoebe - but how could that be in Seattle still technically
winter? But, as Gene said, there are the stragglers who get waylaid on our
beaches. Let's hope they find East and head over the Cascades.

Thanks to all of you who sent me suggestions and possibilities. What a
solid and supportive community of birders we have here!!!!

Best of birding to all,

Emily Winstrom

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