[Tweeters] Othello Sandhill Crane Fest!!!

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I second what Mike says! This is the first year I will be attending the
festival myself and I will also be a speaker. I will be giving a talk on my
six-year study of Western Bluebirds nesting in natural cavities in ponderosa
pine forests along the east-slope of the Cascades. During this talk I will
be discussing types of snags they use, who creates the cavities, nesting
success, and other aspects of their nesting ecology away from nest boxes.
Hopefully I will meet some of the tweeter's participants and get to put some
faces with names.

Hope to see you there.

Jeff Kozma


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> Hello All,


> Well it is once again your opportunity to attend the 12th annual Othello

> Sandhill Crane Fest. This is an event that is unmatched here in eastern

> Washington in March. This is a chance to Educate yourself in so many

> fields of interest that I cannot even list them all here. Please turn off

> the TV and come play outside this weekend in Othello. Please check out the

> great line up of presentors and tours. Please support this outstanding

> Human & Natural History festival!! Join in or watch the cranes dance in

> celebration of Spring!!

> http://www.othellosandhillcranefestival.org/


> Thanks Mike

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> Mike and MerryLynn Denny

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