[Tweeters] Loggerhead Shrike at Marymoor this morning

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Tue Mar 17 21:13:01 PDT 2009

Hi Tweets

A belated report - this morning at about 8:20 I saw a Loggerhead Shrike at Marymoor. It was perched on a tangle just west of the east meadow trail about 100 yards north of the wooden bridge. It stayed for about twenty seconds and then flew directly west into the shrubby tangle. It was good light and the strongly contrasting blacks and whites with a nice mask were striking. I searched for it for about 40 minutes more, but couldn't relocate the bird.

At about the same time the winter resident Northern Shrike flew in and perched in the top of one of the willow trees west of the trail. Quite a comparison between the two birds with the Northern appearing dingy by comparison - even though it is a nice looking bird itself.

If you are out at Marymoor, keep your eyes out.

Good Birding

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