[Tweeters] Marymoor Bald Eagles

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Wed Mar 18 10:33:01 PDT 2009

Tweets - I had a few minutes this morning to try to relocate the Loggerhead
Shrike that Brian Bell found yesterday morning. I did hear, and briefly
glimpse in flight, a shrike in the East Meadow, but then I completely lost
track of the bird. Since Brian had both shrike species there yesterday, I'm
not at all sure of anything beyond "shrike".

The rest of the birds were very active this morning, with lots and lots of
singing. TREE SWALLOWS were checking out the nest boxes in the East Meadow.

At the "new" BALD EAGLE nest in the Big Cottonwood Forest, there were two
adults *near* the nest. One was about 20 feet away, the other about 50
yards. At one point, the further bird flew towards the nest and then
returned to its perch. There was quite a bit of vocalization, but it seemed
a bit atypical.

I was then stunned to see a RACCOON climb *out of the nest*, and proceed
down the trunk of the tree!

At the west end of the boardwalk, I had two HAIRY WOODPECKERS, one DOWNY
many singing.

I wish I'd had more time, since it was a delightful morning.

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