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3-19-09, time 0830~1100 again from 1430~ 1700, tide outgoing, seas 3 ft
swell, wind 5~20 mph, cloudy skies then broken clouds, temp. 43~ 52 degrees

I returned from Yellowstone Sunday after 9 days. I have been going to Point
Wilson every day. Today is the first day I have seen the Ybl since my
return. The loon’s wing feathers have grown 1 ¾ to 2 inches more in the time
I have been gone. Its head and neck are darkening in color and the loon is
starting to show a white collar. I think the YbL has four to five more weeks
before all its flight feathers will be fully in and able fly once more. I
will be at Point Wilson every day until the YbL leaves for its breeding

Pacific Loon 1

Yellow-billed Loon 1

Red-throated loon 5 , only loon seen in flight, not in molt yet

Red-necked Grebe 3, starting to inter breeding plumage

Horned Grebe 6, starting to inter breeding plumage

Pelagic Cormorant 18

Double-crested Cormorant 11

Common Murre 1

Pigeon Guillemot 14

Marbled Murrelet 4

Rhinoceros Auklet 500+

Glaucous-winged Gull 4

Glaucous-winged Gull Hubrid 12

Mew Gull 200+

Black Brant 5

Surf Scoter 3

Black Scoter 1

Black Oystercatcher 1

Bufflehead 5

Harlequin Duck 6

Long-tailed Duck 2

Common Goldeneye 1

Red-breasted Merganser 12

Sanderling 19

Northern Harrier 1 female

Song Sparrow 2

Violet-green Swallow 4

Marsh Wren 1

White-crowned Sparrow 6

American crow 2

Common Raven 1

Bob Whitney

Port Townsend, WA

mailto:rlw at cablespeed.com


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