[Tweeters] nice collection of gulls at Magnuson Park

Robert Lewis rfermat at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 10:14:46 PDT 2009

This Eastern birder is now back home in the New York suburbs. Thanks to all who responded to my request for info about Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Wednesday afternoon I had five species of gull sitting on a little raft at Magnuson Park, Seattle. Ring-billed, Mew, California, Herring, and "Puget Sound", presumed hybrid of Glaucous-winged and Western. All were adults except for an immature Mew. One of the Californias seemed to the larger paler Albertensis form. I am not sure what the status of that form is in Seattle.

This marvelous collection of subtle mantle shades is rare in the East.


Bob Lewis
Sleepy Hollow NY

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