[Tweeters] Thursday at Montlake Fill

Mark and Mary Neudorfer mneudorf at comcast.net
Fri Mar 20 18:49:41 PDT 2009

Thursday I went to the Montlake fill for the first time. I mainly
concentrated on the ponds. I saw:

Green-winged teal pairs

Hooded Mergansers

Many American Wigeons

One Great Blue Heron

Canada Geese

Two Western Medowlarks

Many coots

Five Cormorants

One Pied-billed Grebe

In one clump of cattails (by a small pond South of path by Central Pond) I
heard wild chirping that didn't stop as I approached. I suspected
nestlings, but did not disturb the area and didn't see birds.

Some pictures start at

Mark Neudorfer

Edmonds WA

Mailto: mneudorf at cox.net

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