[Tweeters] re: Is this a Mockingbird

Michael Marsh pygowl at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 01:45:10 PDT 2009

More than likely this is a Curve-billed Thrasher. The 'face' is too plain
and the bill too long to be a Mocker. Curve-billed's are quite common
throughout AZ, both out in nature and in yards. It may be an imm. because
the bill isn't quite long enough for CBT, but at that it is still too long
for Mockingbird.

Note that Sibley got both the bills and the colors wrong on most of his
thrashers. CBT is much more grayish, not lite brown as in the 'Big Sibley'
first edition. Much more like CBT in Nat'l Geo 2nd ed., which also gives a
closer rendition of the size and shape of the bill (ie. much more pointed).

Anyway, my 2 cents--and that's about what it's worth.

Good birding, Mike

Mike Marsh
Tacoma, WA
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