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Sat Mar 21 04:35:02 PDT 2009

Stewart Wechsler wrote:

I also question the use of the term "yard" within the name for the species in
question. I tend to think of a "yard" as a lawn. I would think a term beter
indicating their arborial nature would make sense.

"Yard" is probably a relative term and can be freely interpreted however one
may choose. To me, my "yard" is the grounds within the bounds of my lot
that surround the house regardless whether there is any "lawn" grass or not.
It's full of trees, big ones, shrubs, and not much "lawn". I even "talk" to my
big trees every time the wind blows just to give them encouragement; so far
it's worked :-)) I try to maintain a bird friendly minimal to
non-maintenance yet tidy surroundings, but it sure does take a never ending amount of time,
sweat, and "maintenance" to keep it so. And since most of us routinely keep
"yard lists" of all our bird sightings, that generally includes everything
seen and heard from within the confines of our yards. If those were just
confined to the "lawn", that list would be a pretty short one.

Okay, I'm off to my 'new' digs and "yard" of 14 consecutive Spring seasons
for a couple months this morning, on the central California coast (Point
Piedras Blancas Light Station), and THAT yard list includes everything from 15
species of whales and dolphins, pinnipeds, sea otters, to all manner or
seabirds, passerine vagrants, and even California Condor. So there! Have a
wonderful Spring everyone!

Richard Rowlett
Bellevue (Eastgate), WA
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