[Tweeters] Almost a new yard bird today: Parrots!

Josh Hayes josh at blarg.net
Sat Mar 21 22:43:08 PDT 2009

I was taking out the compost this afternoon around 4:30, and I heard a
strange squawky, squeaky, "wheedle-wheekie wheedle" kind of call coming
toward my yard, and before I could grab my binocs, a pair of large parrots
flew by. They beat their way south and turned gently eastward, angling off
toward Maple Leaf.

All I could tell was that they were about Amazon size, with pale bellies,
but beyond that I can't say. Gotta think that I couldn't have counted them
even if I HAD ID'ed them down to species! Still, it was a strange flashback
to our November trip to Costa Rica, where parrot overflights were a common

(Damn, I gotta get my bird list together from that trip and post it!)

So, if you're in the North end, keep your eyes open for what appears to be a
pair of large parrots.

-Josh (josh at blarg dot net)

There is great chaos under heaven, and the situation is excellent. - Mao-Tse

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