[Tweeters] Two Male Redwing Blackbirds!

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i have a pair of RWBBs that frequent my seed and suet feeders in a habitat
that sounds very similar to yours... almost exclusively, the female has
come to the feeders for two years now, and she's usually a welcome sight (if
a messy eater)... the male is much more rare a visible visitor; i do love
his call, though.

same habitat, i also have both oregon and slate juncos, and while they
haven't taken to the suet, they love the seed regardless of its location
(seed feeder hanging from the shepherd's crook, or on the floor because of
other more particular diners)... if i had to count, i'd say there were at
least 25-30 in the immediate neighbourhood, more slate than oregon, but both
are visible most (if not) all year.

00 caren
George Davis Creek, North Fork

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> Hello Tweeties,


> How unusual is it for redwing blackbirds to fly up to the front porch and

> check out the ground feeder and other bird seed we've got spread out for

> the juncos and chickadees?


> What, if anything can I do to ENCOURAGE the redwings? We have a small

> wetland, but no cattails on one side of our property and a woodsy creek

> with skunk cabbage on the other side. No cattails there either.


> And another question. I think a dark gray junco came by the feeder as

> well. I've seen three different shades of "Oregon Juncos" at my front

> porch and I am pretty sure I saw a very dark gray one without any of the

> ruddy shades of the "Oregon".


> Thanks,

> Lydia Bishop

> Just off Three Lakes Road, near Snohomish, WA



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