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Christine Southwick clsouth at u.washington.edu
Mon Mar 23 10:24:24 PDT 2009

And I saw two yesterday (after hearing them call and thinking, "I should know that song!" "Oh, wait isn't that Brown Creepers?"). Found them spiraling up the neighbor's birch tree. I hope they have a successful nest this year--they didn't [as far as I could determine] last year. I've thought about nailing some loose bark onto a tree or two in the woods in back. Any suggestions?

Also,one nestbox already has a Black-capped Chickadee[BCCH] nest--I was going to afix a nestbox camera, but I am obviously too late. I'll try another box.
Neighbor down the street had two Chestnut-backed Chickadees [CBCH] going in and out of her nestbox[with comments]--if they haven't started, they will soon.

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On Mon, 23 Mar 2009, Dawn Bailey wrote:

> The Brown Creepers are hunting for a nesting place in the same snag as last year! There is a few alder snags in the same area. Fingers crossed for them.


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