[Tweeters] RE: Status of the Conures - (Parrots) at Seward

Stephen Graham amdamgraham at msn.com
Mon Mar 23 15:19:04 PDT 2009

A friend of mine who lives in the Mapleleaf neighborhood called me last fall to report a "bunch" of green birds in a tree near his house. I just called him to see if he could clarify but he could not put a solid number on it.

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> Subject: RE: Status of the Conures - (Parrots) at Seward

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> Stewart writes:


> >If I remember correctly, the species was never confidently determined. It

> >was between Aratinga mitrata - Mitred Conure, A. wagleri - Wagler's Conure

> >and a third Aratinga/ Conure species, all of them all green, South (or

> >Central?) American species with pointy tails, a red forehead spot and maybe

> >12 - 14" long.



> I can't distinguish any of these with respect to the pair I saw except to

> say that the bellies appeared pale and the overall length, tail included,

> seemed to me more in the 18" range, but of course, people (including me!)

> are notoriously bad at estimating size, especially with two birds in an

> otherwise unoccupied sky. Nothing to compare to. They were on a southerly

> trajectory from Evergreen-Washelli graveyard, heading roughly toward Green

> Lake. Sorry I can't be more helpful.


> -Josh Hayes, josh at blarg dot net


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