[Tweeters] A Complete set of the Birds of North America Accounts

David Hutchinson flora.fauna at live.com
Tue Mar 24 15:02:07 PDT 2009

As many of you will surely know I have tried very hard over the years to keep my business dealings separate from the columns of Tweeters. Having talked to several subscibers recently, they have supported me in making the present post. Having bought several large collections of ornithology material in the last two years, I find I am now the repository for no less than three complete sets, in new condition, of the Birds of North America accounts, covering over 700 US species, in eighteen volumes, slipcased. These accounts are now available online, however many societies and institutions retain their own reference sets. The original list price was around $3000, though this price has been somewhat reduced of late,by the supplier, Buteo Books. I know of several non-profits,parks, observatories and agencies, who do not possess a reference set. I would be willing to drop the price substantially,by over two thirds, if someone were interested in donating a set to such a group, in exchange for a tax deduction. It seems a great shame to me if this useful and important work should not find a good home. DH

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