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Wed Mar 25 00:51:30 PDT 2009

...............Visited RNWR---River S Unit.(..north of Vanc. Wash.)...this afternoon midst some afternoon showers. Water level on some lakes( including Rest Lake) is lower or much lower than is usual for this time of year---probably due to abnormally low rainfall this winter.
...............Saw the same eagle as described in pictures and very recent e-mails----Also thought it was Golden Eagle, but after much study through spotting scope and referencing bird guide, concluded at the time it was an immature BALD EAGLE---looked just as in the e-mail pictures---with a lack of much white. There may be a Golden Eagle around, but 2 trips around the refuge didn't reveal one to my eyes. Several mature Bald eagles were circling overhead, spooking several large flocks of CANADA GEESE (,, zillions of these). Lots of RED-TAILED and HARRIER HAWKS perched in trees and snags---looking for a meal.
..............1 TUNDRA SWAN ( near the equipment barn); several small flocks of SANDHILL CRANES flying overhead; lots of DUNLIN,some DOWITCHERS; and a GREATER YELLOWLEG sharing a small mudbar at the south end of Rest lake(..observable only with a spotting scope). WOOD DUCKS and a good number of HOODED MERGANSERS; a few CINNAMON TEALS; along with lots of RING-NECKS and other usual winter resident ducks others mentioned. Didn't see the Shrike mentioned on the blackboard, but other songbirds seen(....and previously reported), including plenty of TREE SWALLOWS and some VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS.
..............Visited Nisqually NWR yesterday (...just eastof Olympia...on south end of Puget Sound) on the way back from a weekend Seattle trip to see daughter and grandkids.Cold 38 degrees and steady rain in the aft. kept me from walking very far but did see what appeared to be my 1st YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER of the season; a LINCOLNS SPARROW and a MARSH WREN and a nice pair---a mama HORNED OWL and her fledgling of several weeks with her on a tree branch. 1 COMMON MERGANSER swimming down the Nisqually River (...nothing else!!!). Observed the same 'pigeon-like' birds near the Twin Barns area someone else mentioned a day or so ago. Other than lots of geese, I'm sure there was much more there, but my jacket was getting soaked, and my binos and glasses kept getting wet and fogged up, so I, with haste, headed back to my car and a warmer, drier trip home.

...............Got to make my nightly visit with "the sandman" as the hr. is late.
...............Cheers......Gerald Hamilton
Brush Prairie, Wash.
geraldham at comcast.net
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