[Tweeters] Discovery Park Birds, march 25

Jesse Ellis calocitta8 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 14:05:13 PDT 2009

Hey Tweeters-

Went for a rain walk this morning. We missed the Mountain Bluebird,
but weren't aware of the exact location, so it may well have been
there. Birds of note:

MANY FOX SPARROWS - far more than we usually see here. And they were
singing! Some were doing quiet renditions of good songs, and others
sounded like they were babbling, throwing in call notes etc, with not
much structure. A bit confusing at first, but we enjoyed it.

BRANT - 7 on the south side of the point feeding on the beach, and
about 35 on the north side feeding on the point.

White-winged Scotor - one flew high over the sound from the point.

While I've been seeing Yellow-rumps around lately, we had both
AUDUBON's and MYRTLE in full breeding plumage, also most common down
in the vegetation on the point. A beautiful sign of spring.

Also had a fun run-in with a fairly pale female robin with a bright
malar stripe and eyebrow. Made for a good study as we were leaving
the park.

Jesse Ellis
Jesse Ellis, Ph. D.
Seattle, WA

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