[Tweeters] Short Eared Owl on Camano Island

Larry Baxter mthiker57 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 25 15:02:02 PDT 2009

After the rain cleared today, I took a walk out on English Boom.  It was bright an sunny and was a beautiful time to be out there.  Just beyond where the trail forces a person to cross the ditch, I spooked up a Short-eared Owl about 40 feet in front of me in the grass.  I didn't expect to see one there, so it surprised me.  It flew a short way then stopped on a clump of dirt and stayed there for about 5 minutes.  I back tracked a little and found a suitable place to cross the ditch without getting muddy.  As I continued, it flew off again and landed a little further ahead of me, then a third time.  I also saw the Loggerhead Shrike.  This time it was further down the trail than has been previously reported.  I saw and watched it for about 20 minutes from fairly close in the vicinity of the derelict house boat that is shipwrecked on the shore.

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