[Tweeters] White-collared Seedeaters will soon be easier to locate

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How can they say with a straight face that it won't hurt the animals when it destroys their habitat?  Are there ANY scientists working with these guys?!
...or did I just fall for an early April Fools joke....

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>From "Truthout".  I don't think this is a good idea.

Agent Orange-like Chemical to Be Used at US-Mexico Border
Dane Schiller, The Houston Chronicle: "The US Border Patrol plans to poison the plant life along a 1.1-mile stretch of the Rio Grande riverbank as soon as Wednesday to get rid of the hiding places used by smugglers, robbers and illegal immigrants. If successful, the $2.1 million pilot project could later be duplicated along as many as 130 miles of river in the patrol's Laredo Sector, as well as other parts of the US-Mexico border. Although Border Patrol and US Environmental Protection Agency officials say the chemical is safe for animals, detractors say the experiment is reminiscent of the Vietnam War-era Agent Orange chemical program and raises questions about long-term effects

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