[Tweeters] Hungry towhee snatches my photo subject

Rob Sandelin floriferous at msn.com
Wed Mar 25 16:37:07 PDT 2009

Yesterday I found a large beetle larvae, so I collected it in a container
and took it home to photograph. The sun came out this afternoon (finally!)
and I took my beetle out, snapped a couple of pictures, then leaned back to
change lenses. I was still 2 feet from the larvae and on my knees. To my
astonishment a towhee flew up, landed right in front of me, snatched up my
larvae subject then gave me this, what are YOU looking at, sort of glare,
stood its ground for a few more seconds, then bolted away. I guess next
time I try this I will need to hire myself a guard.

Rob Sandelin
Naturalist, Writer, Teacher
Snohomish County

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