[Tweeters] sanderlings and tire tracks

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Only difference I could see was that the popular tracks were
knobby tires, while all the other tracks were standard looking
road treads. The tracks were no deeper than the others. I'm
sure the knobby treads disturbed the sand more than the
standard tires, but it was no obvious difference in sand
shredding to my eyes. The tire preference was what got us
interested in the scene in the first place.

> I'm wondering how the sanderling tire tracks were different. You

> said

> they were always the same ones, from which I infer you could tell

> the

> difference. Were they deeper in the sand? Was it a deeper or

> shallower

> tread than the others? Anything?


> David Barber

> Vancouver, WA



Jerry Broadus
PLS 17660

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