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Michael Schrimpf schrimpf at u.washington.edu
Thu Mar 26 14:27:34 PDT 2009

Hi Tweeters,

I'm a graduate student at the UW, and I've enjoyed following the local
birding reports from everyone. Here is some info on an upcoming lecture
that some of you may find interesting.

Wildlife Seminar
Dr. Robert Suryan
Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

Physics-Astronomy Auditorium A118
University of Washington
Monday, March 30, 2009

Satellite Tracking Albatrosses: Inter-specific Differences in Distribution
and Marine Habitat Use and the Influence of Aerodynamics

Among the varied adaptations for avian flight, the morphological traits
allowing large-bodied albatrosses to capitalize on wind and wave energy for
efficient long-distance flight are unparalleled. We combined studies of
morphology, satellite tracking, and remotely sensed environmental data to
examine whether differences in albatross distribution are, in part, related
to aerodynamic performance. Our studies indicate that flight morphology
does influence albatross distribution at both broad scale, e.g., breeding
colonies, and fine-scale, e.g., the potential use of ?molting areas? when
flight efficiency is most compromised. These results have important
implications for understanding the ecology of albatrosses, their
interactions with fisheries, and the conservation of important at-sea

-Michael Schrimpf

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