[Tweeters] Agent Oranging of the Rio Grande - Let not your heart be troubled. Here's why it is not a big deal.

T Gronseth tgronseth at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 27 01:35:26 PDT 2009

Fear not.

This seeming problem is nothing to be troubled about.

Oh ye of little faith, why are you still vexed over such things? Barack Obama, our Messiah, will soon save us from all our problems, our fears, our tribulations and ourselves if we will only allow Him greater control in each of our lives. We must trust Him in all things. Even if the Agent Oranging of the border goes forward, it will be for good, even if it brings extinction to the White-collared Seedeater. We may not understand, but we must trust, without question, that our Leader is doing what is best for each of us and Gaia Earth. We must not question His wisdom on these matters or on anything. Even in areas in which His policies have turned out to be identical to the evil Bush, we must not allow our minds to entertain questions. Remain steadfast.

There was a recent time when it was good to question authority, and we taught our children to question authority because we hate authority. But now we must put away those things and trust His authority and wisdom without a hint questioning, for He has come and will save us. Remember, all things work together for good for those that trust that Barack will save them. For he has promised.

He is bringing the gifts of higher paying union jobs, free homes, better cars, new kitchens, smart power meters to tell us when to turn off our lights, free day care and free health care for each of us. Any day now He will begin the miraculous distribution of these wonderful gifts, for He has promised. Watch and listen, for the time is near. Have we already forgotten that government is the best provider for all of our needs? We need no longer toil for these things as in olden days. Finally, we have a Leader who will give us all these free gifts that our prior leaders refused to give us.

With Him as our leader, in a little while we will be able to forever say farewell to all of our energy, financial, environmental and social woes. He may even restore life to extinct species if we trust Him in all things. And we do indeed have absolute trust in The Man so eloquent, so articulate, so vastly experienced in problem solving, and with such teleprompter reading skills as He.

And how can our desire to lift our wretched country fail when, added to all these blessings, we have such a focused and diligent one-party congress working together for us.

So, I remind you, "Lift up your eyes unto the Whitehouse from whence cometh thine help."

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for your overwhelming glory! Amen.

Washington State

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