[Tweeters] tailless Song Sparrow

LINDA PHILLIPS linda_phillips1252 at msn.com
Sat Mar 28 00:05:34 PDT 2009

Hello fellow birders,
On March 14th I saw a Song Sparrow with no tail feathers. I suspect that it had been through a "near death experience". Very shortly after I spotted it it ducked into the bushes.
The next time I was out I saw it again. This time it flitted around for quite a while, giving me an opportunity to see that his flying skills are still pretty good regardless of the fact he was missing his tail. He even perched on a blackberry cane and sang his song for me (or some other female)
I've seen him a total of four times between March 14th and 27th. I can't see any new feathers growing in.
Do any of you know how long it will take for his tail to grow out again?
Linda Phillips
linda p<mailto:linda_phillips1252 at msn.com>hillips 1252 AT MSN dot com
Kenmore 98028-2616

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