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Thanks Will.

One additional comment. All comments written down from the four tables and
those provided in written form will hopefully be up on the website in about
a week. This will allow all to see what was suggested during the Open

Bob Flores
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Hi Folks,

Thanks to all who attended the March 26 public meeting regarding change
alternatives at RNWR. It was more a physical presence showing of 60 or so
interested parties, as no comments/questions were taken from the floor.
Hunters and non-hunters seemed about equal in attendance.

Recent annual stats for Ridgefield River 'S' Unit are:
-Hunt episodes are less than 3,000 (declining)
-Auto Tour Route uses are about 60,000 (growing)

Please be heard; send in your comments by April 10, 2009.

1) This summer, we should see "Update #4" published, mailed, and put on the
RNWR web site. What will become of our submitted comments, suggestions, and
frustrations is not clear, though it was implied that our input will be
considered in arriving at "Update #4".

2) The presented Alternatives 1 - 4 will remain for "Update #4", though each
may be added to or subtracted from on the basis of public commentary
submitted by April 10. There will be no additional alternatives added.

3) RNWR will eventually select one of the first three alternatives (#4 is to
do nothing). The final selected alternative will be implemented ONLY if
funding can be secured.

4) They broke everyone into groups and had 4 tables set up to listen to
comments and questions. This made it impossible to hear comments other than
at the table you chose.

5) I should know more by the end of next week, and will post what I learn.

6) Anyone may request to be put on the mailing list for future Updates,
- Phone requests: (360) 887-4106
- Email requests: FW1PlanningComments at fws.gov

7) All NWR's are mandated to complete a Comprehensive Conservation Plan
(CCP). The CCP document "Preliminary Management Alternatives for Ridgefield
NWR" is on the web at:

8) COMMENTS OR QUESTIONS (Deadline April 10):
Bob Flores, Project Leader
Ridgefield NWR Complex
PO Box 457
Ridgefield, Washington 98642
(360) 887-4106
Comments may be faxed to (360) 887-4109,
Comments may be E-mailed to:
FW1PlanningComments at fws.gov
Please put “Ridgefield NWR CCP Alternatives” on the subject line.

9) If you would like to know the current CCP status of any NWR in Oregon or
Washington go to:

10) If you would like any NWR web site for OR, WA, or the other 48, go to:

More to come,

Will Clemons
SW of Portland

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