[Tweeters] Steller's Jay Mimicry

Lee Rentz lee at leerentz.com
Sat Mar 28 11:29:30 PDT 2009

Several days ago I posted an account of a Steller's Jay mimicking a
Red-tailed Hawk, which several of you were kind enough to respond
to. This morning I videotaped the jay making that same call while
awaiting a turn at the feeder, which was occupied by a Douglas
Squirrel. You can view it at youtube (you may wish to turn up your
speaker volume):


If you have any idea what the mimicked sound is after the hawk
imitation, I would love to hear your speculation. My idea is that it
imitates one of the calls of the Douglas Squirrel, but it might well
be something else.

Lee Rentz
Shelton, WA
lee at leerentz.com
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