[Tweeters] Great trip to Tucson / Caryn / Wedgwood / Seattle

Caryn Schutzler bluedarner1 at seanet.com
Sat Mar 28 16:23:44 PDT 2009

Did I say I would email daily to Tweeters from Tucson...???

Arriving in Tucson, we immediately went to the Tucson Audubon - Sara there was most helpful!

We made it to (in 6 days) the Sonora Desert Museum (see Free Flight - only 2x per day! - Harris Hawk did amazing display)...saw black phoebe, and the aviary which had Inca doves of which one was nesting in a Saguaro cactus ( A snowbird hit me in the bumper the parking lot - rare siting! - be sure to take the collision damage waiver when renting a car! - no fault state...). There were only a few hummingbirds in the display...saw a broadbilled nest.

My favorite spots, (besides my friends neigborhood in which we "bagged" several of our hopefuls, including Phainopepla, Pyrrhuloxia, Cactus wren, verdin (saw many nests), gambel quail, mourning dove (lots), coyote (yipping and howling in the middle of the nite)...gila woodpeckers...), were Madera Canyon, where we found Acorn woodpeckers, painted redstart (several pair), whitebreasted nuthatches, bridled titmouse, (alas, no Trogon). A wonderful place - treed, which made it a bit cooler for us "northerners".

The Evergreen Cemetery gave us immediate gratification upon entering - my most hopeful - the Vermillion Flycatcher - we were greeted by a male and then the female and also saw her on her nest! What a treat! Also found two merlin there and lesser goldfinches, etc???

I did see one (1/2) roadrunners...running across the road, great tailed grackle...

Gilbert Water Ranch (near Chandler) was lovely, with Avocet and Stilt which are always wonderful to see, since I've only seen them in Eastern WA.

I'm afraid there were other "unidentifiables"...guess I'll just have to go back...tomorrow would be nice with this weather!

I've had a lingering hermit thrush since before we left...and saw another varied thrush this morning!

I wish the hummingbirds were a bit easier to id. A great moment was in Tohono Chul with what I was told was a Costas in a nest w/in a cactus from a guy named Jerry at the cemetery .I did get a few pictures. She was under cover but very close. There was also what I think was a Cooper's nest also at Tohono Chul. A lovely place right in Tucson.

I can't imagine gardening in the desert even though the cacti are so amazing, but the birding is great! I think we converted our gracious host into a birder. At least she's happy to know what is right in her backyard.

Now, eastern WA in May...any suggestions for the Palouse/Walla Walla - I see the request for this area in today's post.

Thank you all for all of your suggestions for our wonderful trip to Tucson!

Caryn / Wedgwood

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