[Tweeters] A solution for hummer predators

JPartlow at aol.com JPartlow at aol.com
Sun Mar 29 08:19:38 PDT 2009

Hello to tweets,

We've had large numbers of Rufous hummers in our yard, feeding both at
our window feeders, but also at the Red-flowering currant now blooming in the
side yard. There's been lots of spectacular sights at the window just 18
inches away, and lots of spectacular fights, too. There's also been 3 different
feline predators stalking these hummers and there have been several near
misses, but no catches that we've seen so far.
We place our feeders high enough so the felines can't get at the actual
feeders, but the hummers tend to like to perch around the deck, and in the
bushes, which are often well within reach. The felines also perch on our porch
and deck in hopes that they can get a hummer. So here's a new solution
we've found: we went to a pet store and bought a product called "Boundary"; it
is supposed to create a smell that they don't like.
We sprayed it on the porch, the deck, the wall below the feeders and
even a few target bushes. It is working wonderfully. I watched the worst
feline invader yesterday as she came into the yard and looked longingly at the
porch, but stayed 15 feet away. There have been no more feline sightings on
the deck or porch. I'm happy. And the hummers continue to come...

Janet Partlow

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